Monday, May 3, 2010

Review: I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You- Ally Carter

I actually heard about this in the same way as I found out about 'Soulless': I'm an avid fan of Ally Carter's agent, Kristin Nelson's blog, Pub Rants

The overall plot wasn’t especially original but it was pulled off with style. I enjoyed the little details, like the fact that they had to speak French during lunch that day or that a sword on display was charged with enough electricity to set your hair on fire. The parts where the girls were trying to decipher messages from Josh were especially funny, as was the scene when they were digging through his trash!

I liked the protagonist, Cammie, for being pretty sensible and realistic for who she was, but Liz earned my soft spot with her genius ditziness and naïveté.  Bex and Macey were also fun but of the more kick-ass variety.  Josh was pretty average, although cute, but I suppose that was part of the appeal for Cammie. A lot of the tension also focused around Mr. Solomon, their attractive, mysterious and hard-edged new covert ops teacher, who I have to admit I thought was pretty cool.

I’m stuck on whether I prefer the UK (top left) or US (bottom right) cover—on one hand, the UK cover is more mature (before I actually checked it out I thought that the Gallagher girls series was middle grade or very young teen) but on the other hand the half of a blond curl at the top of the photograph is really annoying me and I can’t figure out what on earth the model’s holding.

Overall: A fun, easy read perfect for finishing in one lazy late afternoon session.


  1. This one is on my list of 'to read' books. Actually the whole series is...

    *is planning on borrowing from library*

  2. I knew you'd like this. xD

  3. I think she's holding chopsticks, actually.


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