Saturday, April 10, 2010


Don’t you hate it when you read the first few books in a really, really good series, then realize that it’s going to be a while until you get the next one?

This has been happening to me more and more, since I moved from kid to teen, and therefore from recommended (i.e. Newberry medal winning, usually standalone) literature to urban fantasy, which has risen dramatically in popularity in the last few years.

There are two series for which this is particularly bugging me. This week I read the first two books in the ‘Strange Angels’ series, become utterly hooked, and then realized… ‘Wait! The third one isn’t out until July.’


It was a very depressing moment. How on earth am I supposed to survive until July without more Dru? Or Graves? (Christophe can go crawl in a hole and ferment into apple cider, for all I care.)

Then Ella, a friend of mine who’s just as fantasy obsessed as me, pointed out that the next installment of Richelle Mead’s Dark Swan series won’t be out until 2011.

Next year? Are you kidding me, Ms. Mead? I understand that your Vampire Academy series has been very popular and all and so you probably have to work on that, but please spare us non-vamp-loving fans a thought. The paranormal romance world can survive without more vampires. Without more butt-kicking shaman-ness, it might just collapse.

(Richelle Mead, if you are reading this, please ignore any perceived insult to the Vampire Academy series. I have not yet read them, therefore cannot make a judgment. Ella, however, informs me that Adrian is (and I quote): ‘a legend’. But I miss Eugenie and Dorian so much!)

Then, during my trip to Dubai, I hit THREE BOOKSTORES in one day in an effort to find the third installment of Kelley Armstrong’s ‘Darkest Powers’ series. It was out on the sixth, so naturally I assumed that someone would have it in stock. Apparently not.

So, what am I supposed to do in the meantime? Pass some exams, I suppose. Survive a trip to Mongolia. Hopefully get a move on with my own novel aspirations. Play with Phoebe, who can now sit and fetch. Get over this ‘flu. Ingest my vitamin powder like a normal person, instead of knocking it back in an attempt to avoid the taste, and choking in the process.

Sounds like fun.



  1. Well, I rather enjoy the Vampire Academy series, and haven't read her other series, but now I will have to go check it out!

    As for Strange Angels, I'm with you.


  2. Ahhh! Yess! More fans! What camps are you in? Christophe/Graves? Derek/...uh... Simon! I dis-prefer him so much that I couldn't even remember his name! (Guess you realized that I'm a Derek and Graves fan :P)

  3. Eeep. It's taken me far too long to respond to this. Uh... I don't really know who's camp I'm in. I love Christophe, cause I like the arrogant boys, plus he's got that whole bad boy thing going on... Yum. But Graves is a sweetie. Tbh, I don't remember much of Derek or Simon. D:

    On another note, I just read the newest VA book. YOU NEED TO READ THEM. I know you don't really like vamp books all that much, or just think there are too many [which I agree with you on] but these honestly are some of the best vamp lit I have ever read. Richelle Mead is a kickass writer.

  4. Christophe? Nooooo... he's so cliche... and he SMELLS LIKE APPLE PIE. I mean, c'mon... AND HE KNEW HER MOTHER... creepy...


    Okay, well if I read VA, then you have to read the Dark Swan trilogy. It's awesome awesome awesome. :)


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