Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Fall of Urban Fantasy

Below is an extract from a conversation between Ella and I. Moaning about UF trends is one of our favorite hobbies. ;)

Ella: lale
Lale G: yeah?
Ella: we have to write a paranormal romance book
Ella: ok?
Ella: one each
Ella: because clearly
Ella: the genre is suffering
Ella: heroines are lame
Lale G: YES!
Ella: they're either
Ella: 'kick-ass'
Ella: which really means
Ella: stubborn, impulsive
Ella: untrustworthy
Ella: stupid
Ella: rude
Ella: selfish
Ella: or they're too self-obsessed
Ella: and weak who need a 'strong alpha male'
Ella: to look after them...HONESTLY
Ella: OR
Ella: they're in a love triangle
Ella: for goodness’ sake
Ella: urgh
Ella: write one
Lale G: yeah!
Lale G: the world needs fewer vamps
Lale G: and more druids! yeah!
Lale G: and clones! yeah!
Lale G: and…uh... what else have I written?
Lale G: seers! yeah!



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