Thursday, February 11, 2010

Skulkin' around...

Every good procrastinator has online haunts. If you're an excellent but guilty procrastinator (like me) you have justifiable online haunts. Ones that could possibly be considered useful. Educational. That kind of thing. Here are my top 5:

5. Bakerella. Home to the cutest little 'cake pops' and other sweet treats, it's the perfect place for getting your sugar fix, sans calories. If I were a motivated person, I would actually make the cake pops. But a) I know mine will not be as pretty and b) that might defeat the point of the whole sans calories thing.

4. Critique Circle. I firmly believe that every aspiring writer should have an  account, not necessarily to submit their own work for (very constructive and helpful) critiques, but to critique other people's work. It makes you a better editor. Plus, the folks there are really helpful in the research department.

3. Flickr. It gives you no excuse not to have a portfolio of photography. No books, paper, glue or substantial effort required. Plus, it's free, and so simple to convert your photos to a chunk of html for forum posting.

2. Digital Photography School. An invaluable resource for budding photographers. The tutorials are user friendly and cover every aspect of photography under the sun, the forum full of wonderful people ready to critique or shower praise on your photos. (if you want critique, use the critique forum; adulation, go to to 'share my shots'.) They also run challenges to spark your creativity!

1. The Pioneer Woman. Yup, this one wins hands down. Pioneer Woman is a charming poster, a great food photographer and an excellent cook. I didn't know about the last one until two weeks ago, when I cooked both her 'Pasta with Artichoke Hearts and Tomatoes' and the 'Shrimp Pasta in a Foil Package'
Both were incredibly delicious and dead simple, too. Sign up for the full blog feed. You'll be entertained by the tales of ranching life, awed by the beauty of country wildlife and made starving by the mouthwatering photos of delicious food. 

Go check 'em out now. ;)


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