Friday, February 12, 2010

Runner up!

A poem of mine placed in our school's poetry competition. I was very pleased, as this was my first time in the senior round and the poem that came first was pretty awesome.

So, this is is it:

Contemplating Life

Life has a pattern
that I am unable to grasp.
A formula that I cannot understand.
Too precise to be
a cosmic coincidence.
No evidence that it’s anything more.

What if life
is just a fa├žade?
A simple concept wearing a complicated cloak?
Infinity is a myth.
Nothing lasts forever—
not time, or space, or life.

We are all terminally ill.
Death is forever within our grasp.
Some seek it out, but me?
I cling to life by its coattails
afraid of what I cannot control.


  1. I like it very much, dear. <3 Congrats! ~Katie (from California, that is xD)

  2. Aww, merci- that was my freewrite poem from NYC. :)


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