Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Even though I grew up in Turkey, I probably watched more Disney movies than the average American kid. Meaning that eventually, I developed an obsession.

My top 3:

#3: Mulan
#2: Tarzan
#1: The Lion King.

No, I wasn't much of a Disney Princess fan. These three have a couple of elements in common:

  • They have great music
  • Likeable, non-wimpy characters
  • They're funny.
And that's still kind of my criteria for movies I like today. Only, y'know, with real people rather than cartoon lions.

Not that I have anything against the concept of cartoons, but the CGI stuff today? Apart from Avatar, (which I could wax lyrical about) the hand-drawn stuff just appeals to me more.

Like The Princess and the Frog. Now THAT was a trip down memory lane. With me as the only person over ten in the movie theater.

(My little sister ditched me.)


1 comment:

  1. I would say my top three are Mulan, then Tarzan, and then Sleeping Beauty. I'm just a sucker for Sleeping Beauty because of the sparkly visuals and the fact that I just really like Maleficent. Tarzan is hot and I can never get enough joy out of saying No. Nononono. I'M JANE.


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