Thursday, January 21, 2010

Things have been busy, but I'm back with a ton of books!

Neglecting my blogging duties comes with a fortunate side effect: I read a heck of a lot. So it's with a sackful of apologies that I present to you my recent favourites:


Yes, I've been reading lots of these recently. Blame my younger sister, my love for Shannon Hale, and this trailer.

So, in this section we have:
  1. Princess Academy, by Shannon Hale.
  2. The Children of the Lamp series, by P.B. Kerr
  3. The Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, by Rick Riordan
I've always been a huge Shannon Hale fan, ever since I read Goose Girl, and when my little sister picked up her recent pre-teen novel, I stole it, read it, and returned it to her bedside table without her even noticing. Yup, I'm pretty sneaky. (This also happened between ten p.m. and one in the morning, so she was dead to the world and incapable of noticing an elephant slamming a ton of bricks onto her bedside table, let alone me.)

My sister badgered me for months to read the Children of the Lamp series. I ignored her for months, because I thought she only had them as audiobooks. (I despise audiobooks, not because there's anything specifically WRONG with them, but because I read too fast to not be bored to insanity by the slow narration.) Once I discovered that she had hardcopies, I read the first four within a week. And sent the author fanmail. (He was replied very quickly, which made me like him even more.)

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief was a book I discovered in a rather unusual way for me. I almost never read books because of the movies (even James McAvoy couldn't get me to pick up Atonement- yes, yes, I won't be taking a degree in English literature any time soon) but when I noticed the Greek Gods (the mythological ones, not metaphorical attractive men) I added it to my Amazon basket. Read it. Loved it. Re-watched the trailer and cried over the age gap between the actors playing the MCs in the film. They couldn't have found a nice, young(er) actress whose hair could be bleached to honey blond? (i.e. ME. Not that I'm an actress. But, y'know. A girl can dream.)

Whew. I know that wasn't exactly a monstrously long post, but excitement in sharing the book love results in fast typing, and therefore carpal tunnel syndrome. Please excuse me as I go and find a skilled hand masseuse before knuckling down to write the Teen and Adult posts.


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